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See You After Quarantine

In the See You After Quarantine Taiwanese tv series,

A Japanese man and a young Taiwanese man. Encounters and love happen in the frame of the screen.

Even if the epidemic limits the connection between people.

It can’t restrain the destined romance.

I found the Seagull camera you have been looking for in Japan.

I brought it back and wanted to give it to you,

He was mistakenly regarded as another person by the other party.

Bai Chun had a fever for a while, and he used his account to answer the other party.

Unexpectedly, the other party believed it was true.

When talking to him, Bai Chun,

who was thinking about the camera in his heart, had to deal with the fake account carefully.

From the conversation, he learned that the other party was a Japanese living in Taiwan.

Shu, his false identity is the other’s predecessor.

And Sato Tree is currently in quarantine at home.

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