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Gunjo Ryoiki

In summary, Gunjo Ryoiki English Subtitles is a Japanese Life, Music, Drama, Break Up tv serial released on NHK.

Kim Jun Hee, a member of the immensely popular five-membered band, Indigo AREA, has suffered setbacks and deep wounds, and now her boyfriend, the vocalist, suddenly announces that he is leaving the band.

The story depicts the process of Jun Hee escaping from her narrow world of values, regaining her music, and becoming a strong “human being,” while also finding the connections that are essential to survive. A new slice-of-life story of healing and courage.

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Gunjo Ryoiki Episode 1 English Subtitles

Gunjo Ryoiki

About Gunjo Ryoiki Episode 1 Gunjo Ryoiki Episode 1 is a Japanese Serial. Watch this Episode in High Quality 720px Video formate. Gunjo Ryoiki Episode 1 by NHK. Watch Gunjo Ryoiki complete episodes here on serialshd.club. Watch Gunjo Ryoiki Japanese serial according to Japanese Time Friday. Country: Japan Synopsis In …

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